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I Salonisti offer listeners and organizers a variety of programs ranging from classical to tango and film music to jazz.

Some of the arrangements are original literature from the era (e.g. Titanic) or were arranged especially for the ensemble.

Optionally, the programs can be supplemented with soloists.


In this program, I Salonisti play the original arrangements of the Titanic's onboard orchestra. Travel back to that fateful night, 1912.


A tribute to the legendary bandoneon player Astor Piazolla. Libertango, Oblivion, these are just some of the hits. On request, I Salonisti also perform with a pair of dancers.

Back to Hollywood

Captivating film music from Charlie Chaplin (Smile, Limelight) to Harry Potter, Psycho or Ennio Morricone. Great film moments, skilfully arranged for the quintet


A musical journey through the Danube countries to the Black Sea


It's all about jazz. I Salonisti can also swing. Great arrangements of jazz and swing classics from the 30s and 40s

Omaggio Nino Rota

A tribute to the great composer

Nino Rota

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